Working with Preschoolers! Ideas for au Pairs

Here are some ideas for entertaining preschoolers at home! Have a color day! Choose a color, then wear clothes that color, eat food that color, find a toy that color etc. A great way for younger kids to learn their colours and a great way to get children to try and eat new foods!

Dressing up! The dress up box is always a hit in our house. We have old costumes and clothes, scarves, hats,face paints,jewellery, wigs. You can pick great stuff in the charity shops. Always great fun, why should dressing up be limited to Halloween!

Make Gloop! Mix cornflour and water and some food coloring  until it forms a thick paste. It will run through your fingers when you try to lift it but if you pat it it is hard. Lots of fun for au pairs and kids. Very weird texture will make even big kids laugh. washes out of clothes easily and it doesn’t matter if it gets eaten cos it’s natural so even small toddlers or babies in their high-chair can join in the fun!

An arts and crafts box is an essential for any preschooler! Now I am not artistic but my preschoolers have not realised this yet. Michael’s is a great place for picking up supplies. A tube of glitter, some pipe cleaners and child friendly glue can easily fill a couple of hours! We then have viewings every now and then! Hang up the art, have some glasses of juice and some snacks and invite others around to view and choose their favorites!

Cooking/Baking -Salads, Rice Krispie Buns, Pizza Toppings, Sandwiches, Cereal,Deserts. There are loads of foods that preschoolers can safely help with making, and if they make it themselves you can be guaranteed they will eat it!

Music and Dancing –  Be it nursery rhymes or heavy metal, dance a half hour away around the house! A child is never too young to be introduced to different types of music!

Imaginary Games – Play shop, bank, post office, pilots, bus driver, hairdressers( a good one to distract, particularly if you have a curly haired child and you need to remove tangles!) …. The kitchen chairs lined up like a bus or a paint brush , bucket of water and a wall out the back never fails to entertain in this house!

Go ahead, make some plans, talk with your host mom, get the supplies and get started!  The kids will LOVE it!

Tuesday, 17 April 2012 3:14 PM